How to Make Your Boyfriend Crazy About You

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Dating can be a fun roller coaster of emotion, great sex and wild adventure. From start to finish, dating can be an experience you never forget. To establish this kind of ecstasy in your dating life, you will need a few things. First, you must have a sense of self. Second, you must have a sense of humor. And last, you must have a sense of how to build a life that welcomes happiness. All of these things will help make your boyfriend crazy for you.

Build a life that is not set upon the foundation of your romantic partner being responsible for your happiness. Instead, cultivate a dynamic life that allows your partner to complement your happiness and sense of joy, rather than be wholly responsible for it.

Build a social network or passion for a sport, community project or personal ambition that balances your personal life with your intimate life with your romantic partner. This will encourage your romantic partner to build a place within your life, rather than resent pressures to build that life for you. A strong sense of independence in a woman establishes a strong sense of confidence in a man.

Have a sense of humor. Leave work at work and have fun with your romantic partner. Laugh together and focus on the joy that you both share when you are together.

Initiate romance and intimacy with actions, not just words. Establish intimacy by demonstrating your affection and attraction to your romantic partner. Remember the golden rule: It is better to show than tell.

Know your attributes and show them off. If you are a very social person, impress your romantic partner with how well you can work a room. If you are a great performer, impress your romantic partner with how well you can act out his favorite fantasy. The point is, learn what makes you unique and incorporate these qualities into the relationship.