Maine Vs. Canadian Lobsters

by Katie Halpin

Though caught off of different coasts, Maine and Canadian lobsters are actually the same species of American lobster. The confusion is due to competition between local industries and the public's misconception about possible differences between the two.


According to LobsterHelp.com, lobsters caught off the coasts of Maine and Canada are clawed lobsters. There are two kinds of clawed lobsters---American and European.


American lobsters are found off the Eastern North American coast. They prefer cold, shallow water. They are found in the coastal waters of Newfoundland and as far south as North Carolina.


American lobsters have larger claws and are lighter in color than European lobsters. Due to their claw sizes, they also contain more meat than other species of lobsters.


According to the Maine Lobster Council, $300 million was made in the Maine lobster industry in 2006. Entire communities thrive or struggle based on this lucrative and traditional industry. People buy local to support these communities and take great pride in their area's lobsters, despite there being no difference in the lobsters found in Maine or Canadian waters.


Though Maine and Canadian lobsters are of the same species, some people swear they each have distinct tastes or that one is clearly better than the other based on factors like water temperature and feeding habits.

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