How Long Will Peeled Potatoes Stay Good?

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Once peeled, potatoes begin to oxidize as their flesh is exposed to the air. This can quickly cause unsightly browning and darkening, which can more pronounced with certain varieties of potatoes. From the time you peel, you have a short window to cook your peeled potatoes or store them properly before they begin turning an undesirable color.

Peeled Potato Care

Peeled potatoes can begin changing to brown, black or pink within minutes of peeling in some cases. If you plan on peeling potatoes, but not using them immediately, submerge them in water until they are ready to use for up to one day. If you don't have room in your refrigerator to store them in water, soak them in an acidified water made by adding the juice of two fresh lemons to a large bowl of water. Once briefly soaked, drain the potatoes and refrigerate for up to one day before using for the best results and minimal discoloration.