The Life Span of Freshly Whipped Heavy Cream

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One of the issues that cooks have with freshly whipped heavy cream is maintaining its quality long enough to use it for all its intended purposes. Since it is a dairy product, you know it won't last forever, but once it is whipped, the situation becomes tricky, because you must worry about the structure of the cream as well as the spoilage factor. Following a few proven steps will enable you to produce whipped cream that lasts as long as possible.

The Average Life Span

Heavy cream refers to cream with a milk fat content of 36 percent or more, and it is often used to make fresh whipped cream. The average life span of whipped heavy cream is about two to three days in your refrigerator and two to three months in your freezer. Aerosol whipped cream and premade whipped cream will last for weeks or months in the fridge, but they don't come close to freshly whipped cream when it comes to quality.

Different Factors

The average life span of freshly whipped heavy cream will not remain constant at two to three days in the refrigerator under any circumstances. Different factors affect the quality of the product as it becomes whipped cream and after it's been whipped. To ensure the whipped cream doesn't spoil quickly, you must start with heavy cream that is within its expiration date, don't expose it to heat or leave it sitting uncovered on the countertop, and keep it covered securely during storage in the fridge.

Keeping It Cold

Creating a superior product is one way to maintain the life span of whipped heavy cream, and much of that is under your control. Aside from using quality cream, keep everything cold before and throughout the whipping process. Keep the cream cold before you whip it, and chill the bowl for at least 15 minutes before you whip the cream. Place your metal whisk or beaters in with the bowl to chill, too. This way, none of the metal tools will transfer their heat to the cream. If your kitchen is warm, consider setting the mixing bowl in another bowl filled with ice as you whip the heavy cream.

Add Some Strength

The stability of your whipped cream influences its life span, and sometimes it needs a little help to create and maintain the stability you want. Adding a pinch of cream of tartar is one tip that bakers use, and you can also dissolve 1 teaspoon gelatin and add it to your whipped cream to help it last longer. You won't get stiff peaks with gelatin, but you will have whipped cream that works well for spreading on cakes or pies and keeping its shape in a buffet or at a party.