How to Keep Your Relationship Exciting and New 200806/couples/ fire-up-y...ationship

Keeping the passion in your relationship takes some work, but if you make it a priority, it will be relatively easy to keep your relationship exciting and new. All you really need to do is pay attention to little details that keep you and your partner happy more often than not. Giving each other what is needed will help to keep the fire light in your relationship. Here are some tips for keeping your relationship exciting and new so that you can enjoy each other like you once did when you first met.

Treat each other with kindness and respect. Always talking to your partner in a respectful manner will help to keep the relationship exciting and new. Relationships take work and when the newness wears off, you need to strive to keep the passion alive. After getting to know each other, relationships become comfortable, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But, if you let them become too comfortable by nit picking at each other, speaking in a disrespectful manner, or criticizing one another constantly, that comfortableness becomes mundane. Try thinking before you speak to your partner. Should you say exactly what is on your mind, or could you soften it a little and still get the same point across? Treating your partner with respect is important for relighting the passion in your relationship. Chances are, if you treat him (or her) kind, you'll get the same treatment in return.

Remember how much you cared for this person when you first met and think of the reasons you fell in love with your partner. Always keep these reasons in mind. Your relationship will become exciting and new again when you remember the times that brought you to care for your partner so much. What was it that drew you to him (or her)? Was it his eyes, his smile, his confidence? There was a reason you fell in love and decided to enter the relationship...find that reason or reasons again. If you have trouble with this, make a list. Start from the beginning and write down all the reasons you love your partner. Sometimes this is tough to do, but if you take the time to think of your partner the same way you once did before, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much excitement and newness you can bring back to the relationship. Have your partner do this as well. Make it a game. See who can come up with the most reasons for being happy together. Share your list with each other when you are finished.

Make a vow to tell your partner something sweet at least once a day. Little acts of kindness keep a relationship new and exciting. This is actually easy to do. Leave him (or her) a Post-It note on the table each morning telling him you love him. Write a love note on the mirror after showering so that it shows up when your partner showers after you (using lipstick is great too...very sexy). Pack him a lunch each day and put a note inside wishing him a good day. Try anything little you can think of to your partner know you appreciate him. When someone feels loved, they are bound to return that love back to you. This helps to create instant newness and excitement in the relationship. And just think, it only took you a matter of minutes to do.

Kiss and hug your partner often. Showing affection is an important step to keep a relationship new and exciting. Almost everyone enjoys affection and when that affection stops, that when a relationship turns sour. Make it a point to touch your partner as often as possible, even in little ways. Brush or touch his arm when he walks by you, pat his butt in a flirtatious way, kiss his cheek when he's standing in the kitchen, or walk up behind him and wrap your arms around his waist. These brief moments of affection take minutes to do and can keep the passion alive in a relationship. Excitement and newness take only seconds to achieve if you do these things just a couple times a day. A partner who feels affection will want to return affection also, so give it a try.

Speak up and tell your partner what you need. In order to keep a relationship new and exciting, you need to tell your partner what it is that you're missing in the relationship. Some partners don't realize that they are being less affectionate, more irritable, or paying less attention to domestic duties. Relationships become comfortable over time and it's easy to lose sight of the important things you once did. Your partner may not realize that he (or she) has changed. So speak up and tell your partner that you want to work on bringing back the excitement and newness to your relationship. Tell him ways you think this could happen by explaining what you need. Then be prepared to listen to his needs as well. Communication is key in any relationship and will open the doors to a more exciting and happy relationship.

Make love often. This is a tough one to do in a relationship because work, kids, and household chores don't always leave time and energy for sex with your partner. But, sex is important in a relationship and should be made a priority. Try making a plan to make love at least twice a week: once during the week and once on the weekend. Stick to this as best you can so that you and your partner know that when to expect intimacy. While this isn't always romantic, you can make it so by turning on some soft music, lighting candles, or taking a bubble bath together. Making love will keep you and your partner close and keep the relationship new and exciting. Without sex, a relationship becomes dull and partners become more like roommates than lovers. It's important to make sex a priority so that both partners feel a connection to one another. By making love at least twice a week, you'll keep the spark a live and help your relationship to become exciting and new again.