How to Juice Kohlrabi

John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Kohlrabi gives the appearance of a root vegetable, but it actually belongs in the cruciferous family, having many of the same nutritional benefits as broccoli, kale or cabbage. B vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, rich potassium content and vitamins A, C and K can all be found in kohlrabi, making it an excellent addition to a juice drink blend or a healthy juice on its own. Juicing takes only minutes, but the health benefits last for years.

Step 1

Wash the kohlrabi before juicing. Kohlrabi comes in both purple or green options. Both have equal health benefits, but a purple kohlrabi tastes slightly sweeter.

Step 2

Peel the kohlrabi if desired. Kohlrabi peel has nutritional benefits and is not harmful. If you want to juice the peel, simply wash the vegetable well beforehand. Farmers sometimes use pesticides that can attach to the skin, so if you are concerned, peel the kohlrabi beforehand. A peeled kohlrabi will be light green to white in color.

Step 3

Cut the kohlrabi into small enough pieces to go in your juicer. You can use a food processor if a juicer is unavailable.

Step 4

Juice the kohlrabi in the juicer. If you are using a food processor, process the kohlrabi, strain out the resulting juice using a mesh strainer and repeat to get the most juice out of the vegetable and to minimize pulp in your juice.

Step 5

Pour the juiced kohlrabi into a glass and enjoy.