How to Become a Primary Caregiver

More and more, family members are becoming primary caregivers to their parents or to their grandchildren. There are several things to consider and agencies to contact.

Whether it is a grandchild, parent or other family memeber, becoming a primary caregiver is a large responsibility that should be completely reviewed before making final decision. (Being a primary caregiver can cause emotional, financial, and physical stress).

FIRST: Meet with family memebers to decided best placement options. This should be based on who has the availability of time, resources and energy.

Next, future primary caregiver should contact a lawyer for a consultation. Becoming a primary caregiver becomes a legal issue. It will provise legal consent for medical and financial issues. Search for a lawyer specializing in guardianship(either child or elderly)

This process may take time and money. There are several web sources that can assist with funding and other assistance. A good place to start is or They have information, assistance, resources and more.

Remember you will also need support, as it is a large responsibility. Look for your local support group. You can also look on the web. or