Importance of Perfumes

Perfume bottles

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Is perfume really all that important? Are fragrances or colognes truly necessary? Here are some reasons for why perfume actually is a necessity - besides the fact that it smells nice!

Scent Matters

Believe it or not, our scent has a lot to do with how people react to us, and it can also play a role in determining whether or not potential mates are attracted to us. Recent scientific research has determined that all mammals (especially females) base a large part of their decision in choosing a mate on scent.

...But Pheromones Matter, Too

While we can control how we smell to potential mates through artificial fragrances such as perfumes, our natural scent plays an important role in the mating process as well. Pheromones are the chemical signals that each of us release to other mammals; while they do not actually have a scent (as in, the same way that a bottle of Gucci perfume has a specific smell), they play a significant role in the mating process. Everyone's pheromones are unique to them, and different people are more attracted to certain pheromones than to others.

Pheromones in Fragrances

Some fragrance companies are trying to cash-in on the natural phenomenon of pheromones by selling "pheromone perfume," fragrances that are advertised as being infused with pheromones. However, these purported pheromone colognes are ultimately pretty ineffective; each and every person's pheromones are unique to them, and there is no specific pheromone chemical pattern that can be duplicated and artificially applied to attract the opposite sex.

Scent Evokes Memories

Different scents evoke different memories, and this can be an important part of human behavior. A lot of us breathe happily when we smell something that reminds us of a beloved relative, friend, or spouse. When someone wears a perfume frequently, their friends and family begin to associate that scent with their loved one.

Perfume Can Send a Message

As with designer clothes or expensive cars, a high-quality perfume or cologne can also aid in sending a message of wealth and importance to others. Timeless scents such as Chanel No. 5 are known to be classic yet costly, and can signal to others an air of prestige.

Just Plain Enjoyable

Besides the fact that our scent can aid us in attracting potential mates and being well-liked by others, perfume and cologne are ultimately just very enjoyable! It is nice to have fun with your fragrance, and keep experimenting until you find a scent that is perfectly suited to your personality and lifestyle.