Ideas for Women's Seminars

The issues women face on a daily basis are vast, giving you many different topics to address in a women's seminar. Choose one that pertains to your expertise, including such topics as the kinds of obstacles women face in a given group (if you a talking to a company, for example) or how to empower women. Whether a woman is a mother, wife, sister or vice president of a company, there are many things you can talk about that relate to each of them.


All women need to know self-defense and how to make smart, conscious decisions to avoid potentially compromising situations. Planning a women's seminar that offers some simple self-defense moves, enables participants to gain confidence under most any circumstance. Another subject is the kinds of things women can do, generally, to protect themselves. Teaching what to do if someone grabs you while you are jogging, or if someone approaches your car asking for help are examples of self-protection situations.

Getting a Promotion

While women have made great strides in the area of corporate business, there are still some instances where gender issues may be holding some back. According to Raab and Raab Performance Consulting, "A statement, clear and succinct from a woman's perspective, may be confusing and misleading from a man's point of view." Conducting a seminar that shows how to get ahead in a career, by learning how to communicate, is a way to help women get the jobs they really want . Pointing out legal topics, such as maternity leave, is vital in preventing job loss when the time comes for her to have a baby.

Healthy Relationships

Women wear many hats, from being a working professional to a mother to a wife, so learning how to balance these relationships and making sure that each is healthy is imperative. Plan a seminar that shows a woman how to organize her time effectively, by teaching how to avoid spreading herself too thin, leaving some time for herself at the end of the day.


Mothering at all stages of life can be difficult. This seminar will teach how to become an effective parent whether you are a mother dealing with a toddler, a teenager or empty nest syndrome. These strategies will enable women to rear their child the way they want. This is also good for mothers who have a special needs child or a child who is unruly.