Ideas for Red Ribbon Week Posters

by Rayzelle Forrest Young ; Updated September 28, 2017

Red Ribbon Week promotes being drug free.

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Red Ribbon Week is a time to educate people about the dangers of drugs and reinforce messages of being drug free. You often see people wearing a small red ribbon on clothing to show their support for saying "no" to drugs. Schools, churches, charities and organizations often conduct events and contests during Red Ribbon Week.

Cartoon or Animal Theme

Create a Red Ribbon Week poster using a cartoon character or animal as the theme. A poster with this theme should be more effective for early elementary grades. For example, include a picture of a well-known cartoon character and include a catchy drug-free message such as “(Character) doesn’t do drugs in his house, and you shouldn’t either.” You could draw a picture of an animal such as a bird, dog, bear or tiger and include a drug-free message from the animal.

World Theme

Use a world theme for your poster. Draw a picture of a globe and include a message about making a drug-free world. You could draw pictures of people from different ethnic backgrounds and show them holding hands. Along with this picture you could include a message such as “United we stand to make the world drug free.”

Classroom Theme

Students could draw pictures of themselves, cut them out and glue them all onto one large poster. You could include a message on the poster such as “In Room 213, we’re high on education, not drugs” or “Mr. Dean’s class says 'no' to drugs.”


You could draw a picture of a bull’s-eye and include a message that says, “Hit the bull's-eye in life. Don't do drugs.” Another idea is to write a drug-free cheer and include a picture of a megaphone.

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