Ideas for Appetizer Parties

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Appetizer parties are parties where appetizers are the only food served. The appetizer parties are typically low-key events with most of the food intended to be eaten without the need for utensils. Hosting an appetizer party is not a difficult process if you follow correct party etiquette.


With an appetizer party, the party is all about the appetizers. There should be a variety of appetizers to suit every taste. Think about the people you plan to invite and any dietary restrictions that the guests may have so that you can provide something for everyone. Bean dip and tortilla chips are one easy appetizer to serve at a party. Try mini quiches made with cheese and spinach for a warm appetizer. Top crackers with cream cheese, bacon, other soft cheese and small vegetables. Serve small meatballs and a sweet sauce to satisfy the tastes of a meat-lover.


The drinks that you serve at an appetizer party are also important. Choose drinks that compliment the rest of the food. Most appetizer parties should be accompanied by mixed drinks, wine or beer. However, some people do not drink, or are unable to drink, and it is important to offer several non-alcoholic drink options as well. A sweet punch, bottled water or sodas will provide enough drink options to satisfy party guests. Choose wines and other alcoholic beverages that blend well with the taste of the food.


Finding the correct quantities for an appetizer party is often the most difficult part. You do not want to have too much food, but you also do not want too little. If the appetizer party is part of a long evening of parties, such as a traveling meal, then provide about six appetizers per hour of party. For a party where appetizers are the only food, then provide about 10 per guest per hour. Provide one gallon of non-alcoholic beverages for every 12 guests and provide enough alcohol for guests to have two drinks an hour.


How you serve the appetizers is important as well. Use a long buffet table to serve all of the appetizers. You can also set up each kind of appetizer on a tray and scatter them throughout the party room. Make the serving dishes look better by adding garnish to the trays, or using a colored napkin or doily under the food. Use a variety of serving dishes to provide visual interest to the food. Use trays with tiers or stack trays on books or boxes to vary the height of the dishes on the table.