Ideas for an Office Baby Shower

Colleagues spend a significant amount of time together and often build a sense of community at the office. A baby shower for a colleague allows the office to celebrate the joyous event. Time constraints and the office setting may challenge the planning process for an office baby shower. Ask for approval from management before planning the party to ensure you abide by company policies.


Determine the guest list for the office baby shower. Decide if you will limit the shower to your department or if the guest of honor will determine the guest list. A small office environment may allow the entire staff to attend. Schedule the office baby shower to fit the needs of the guest of honor. Consider the agenda of a typical day. Schedule the shower during break time or the lunch hour to avoid scheduling conflicts for your colleagues. Consider holding the shower at the end of the day after your colleagues have wrapped up their responsibilities for the day.


Secure a conference room in the office if possible. Moving the baby shower to a conference room prevents interrupting workers who choose not to attend the shower or are unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts. Another option is to hold the baby shower at a nearby restaurant. This is an option if space in the office is limited, or if the company policies prevent holding a baby shower in the office.


Keep the decorations for an office baby shower simple. Decorate with a floral arrangement or balloon bouquet. Either choice doubles as a gift for the guest of honor. Hang a banner of congratulations that has been signed by all of the employees. Purchase baby shower decorations from a party-supply store if desired.


Determine the menu for the office baby shower based on the time of day. Serve a baby-themed cake or cupcakes for a morning or afternoon baby shower. Organize a potluck for a baby shower that is scheduled at lunch time. Another option is to ask for donations to purchase party trays of meats, cheeses and vegetables. Ask your manager if the company offers room in the budget for events such as this.


Consider organizing a collection for a group gift. Your colleagues may appreciate the convenience of someone else purchasing the gift. It will also allow you to purchase one of the larger items from the employee's baby registry, such as a stroller or car seat. One large gift for the honoree to open will save time if the baby shower is on a tight schedule.


Time constraints create a challenge for shower games. Create a baby-themed crossword puzzle, word find or word scramble. Set a time limit for the game that fits into the schedule. Provide each guest with a decorative note card, and ask that they write a message to the guest of honor.