How to Write 'Thank You' in Mandarin Chinese

By Rachel A. Day

Mandarin Chinese isn't as complicated as some think it is--people exagerate the complexity of this language. With a little patience and practice, Mandarin isn't so hard. Learning the basics of this important language may prove to be helpful in your daily life. Learn how to write "Thank You" in Mandarin. It should come in handy for travelling, visiting friends, and doing business. Not to mention, you'll impress your peers with your Mandarin knowledge! It will be especially handy this Thanksgiving season!

Start with stroke #1.

Follow with stroke #14.

Now do stroke #4.

Follow with strokes #3, #2, and #7.

Now do stroke #2.

Repeat stroke #2 just like the above step.

This time making it longer, repeat stroke #2.

Continue with stroke #4.

Follow this with stroke #1.

Now make stroke #2.

Nearly finished, make stroke #7.

Repeat steps 1-11 next to the first part and you'll be finished! Now you can write a unique Thank You note in Mandarin!