How to Wear a Hawaiian Shirt

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Wear a Hawaiian Shirt. Nothing says "incognito" like these multicolored tributes to Hawaii.

Wear the Hawaiian shirt casually - untucked and hanging loosely.

Keep accessories to a minimum. Leave your cummerbunds, suspenders, belts and bow ties as far away as possible from the shirt, preferably in their respective drawers.

Try not to mix patterns with a Hawaiian shirt. Prints of surf scenes, flowers, and tropical fish rarely go with paisley, tweed or plaid.

Wear a Hawaiian shirt with plain, unassuming pants, such as khakis. This will provide a neutral background for the craziness that is the Hawaiian shirt.

Tan, if possible. Tropical prints look best on a body that's been to the tropics. If you are quite pale, avoid hues that emphasize your pallor.

Avoid wearing a Hawaiian shirt around those who are easily startled or prone to motion sickness.

Wear your shirt with confidence. Let people know you're wearing a Hawaiian shirt and that you're 100 percent proud of it.


  • Straw hats go nicely with Hawaiian shirts, as do Bermuda shorts and sandy beaches.

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