How to Wash a Soft Suede Skirt or Jacket

Soft suede skirts or jackets are so comfortable to wear and so easy to take care of. Most soft suede clothing is washable and easy to care for, but if you are ever not sure of thinking your skirt or jacket is not washable, you can always follow these easy directions.

Wet a small part of the skirt or jacket, to test it out first, hang it up to let it dry completely, look at it, if it looks fine as before you wet it, it's fine to wash out the whole skirt or jacket completely.

Wash the skirt or jacket in a sink of luke warm soapy water; while it is in the sink, lift it up and down, up and down for several times, don't let it soak at all, for soaking the skirt or jacket too long, may cause it to shrink.

Rinse out the garment well in cool water for several times, until the soap is completely gone. Wring it a little bit, not much, but just enough to take out the excess water out.

Pad it dry with a clean towel, the same way as you dry your hair, pad it really well to take out most of the excess water out of the skirt or jacket, and then hang up the skirt in a skirt hanger or the jacket in a jacket hanger. After you put it on a hanger, hang the garment on the shower curtain rod.

After the garment is completely dry, hang it in your closet. The skirt or jacket will seem as if you had taken it to the dry cleaners to be professionally cleaned.