How to Treat Soft Corns

How to Treat Soft Corns. A soft corn develops between toes, is pea-sized, and left untreated, looks like an open sore. Corns are caused by pressure from the toe bone beside it and often ache and feel tender when touched.

Wear soft, movable, well-fitting shoes, with extra cushioning in the heels and balls of the sole.

Be sure you have adequate toe room in whatever kind of shoes you are wearing, including slippers and winter boots.

Avoid tight socks or stockings.

Use lamb's wool or foam-rubber protective wedges to separate toes. Wrap loose, thin layers around afflicted toe to alleviate pressure.

Try adding arch inserts or padded insoles inside your shoes to shift pressure from between toes.

Keep area between toes dry with medicated powder.

Wear cotton socks to absorb perspiration. Lingering moisture between toes encourages the breakdown of skin.

Ask your foot doctor about special astringents that, when applied between toes, will cut down on sweat retention.

Talk to your doctor about removing the soft corn surgically.