How to Treat Pimples


0:02 pimples can occur throughout adolescence

0:04 and adulthood but no matter when you get

0:06 them they are not welcome if you have

0:09 reoccurring pimples consult a

0:10 dermatologist in the meantime here's how

0:14 to treat pimples at home 1 do not pop

0:17 the pimples as this can cause infections

0:19 and scarring to establish a skincare

0:23 routine appropriate for your skin type

0:25 clean skin helps prevent pimples 3 have

0:30 patience it can take up to one month for

0:32 the blemish to a disappear completely

0:34 the less you pick at it the better for

0:38 apply an antibacterial oil-free

0:41 concealer to cover the redness use

0:44 shades with a green base they offset

0:45 redness as well 5 try a facial mud mask

0:50 may shrink the pimples as it dries it

0:52 out 6 if you're going to pop the pimple

0:56 regardless of warnings not to wash your

0:59 hands and then lightly squeeze the top

1:01 of the pimple with cotton swabs if

1:03 nothing happens

1:04 leave the pimple alone make sure to

1:07 clean the area afterwards 7 apply of

1:11 benzoyl peroxide acne medication to the

1:14 pimple