How to Tan Faster

I managed a tanning salon for many years and it was amazing to me the misinformation that people had about the concepts of safely reaching the maximum from your tanning bed visits. I would like to share some important tips and procedures to prep your skin and help maintain your tan.

These steps will help you get a tan faster.

You want to get your skin ready by gently yet throughly exfoliating your skin prior to beginning your tanning visits. Dead skin does not tan much at all and will be shed very quickly.

Next you want to get your skin as moisturized as possible. Nice moisturized skin tans much better and faster.

I am not going to preach the harmful effects of tanning bed rays but you are absorbing the same amount while you're in there so make sure you get the full benefits to keep from having to go as often.

You should always shave your legs prior to your visit. When you shave you are just not removing hair, but removing skin as well. Removing the skin removes your tan.

Again , I can not stress the importance of moisturizing. You should us a good moisturizer at least twice a day before you start, during and after tanning. When you tan you don't have to use the most expensive lotions but please don't use nothing. You are only drying your skin out more, thus really not doing yourself any good.

A key to reaching the results you desire is not burn yourself... Ever! If you burn you will have to wait until you heal and start over. Not to mention damage your skin. The areas that are more sensitive... lips, buttocks, breast, nose and checks can be covered during tanning or you can simply apply some light sun block on these areas until the catch up.

Some people do not even tan their faces, please be advise that beds with face tanners are horrible for your skin. Those bulbs are usually 4X stronger than regular bulbs. Tanning and sunlight is the number one contributor to aging. I would rather use darker make up when I am young than have premature wrinkles and aging!

These tips are not ultra speedy steps but were created to help you safely get a faster tan.