How to Store Henna Paste

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Staining your skin or dying your hair with henna paste requires simply mixing powdered henna and lemon juice. You can also add other ingredients to make a fancier paste including tea, coffee, wine, coffee and cloves. After the henna paste sits covered with plastic for several hours, it releases the dye, which looks like a brownish color on the surface of the paste. Now your paste is ready to use or store until later. When you want to store the henna paste, make certain you protect it from air, light and heat.

Place your henna paste in a glass jar or plastic container with a lid, or wrap it tightly in aluminum foil.

Store the jar or foil with henna paste in your refrigerator if you plan to use it in a few days. Although the henna paste will begin to degrade in the refrigerator, the process occurs slowly and will not affect the henna's staining or dieing properties if you use it within three or four days.

Freeze the henna paste if you want to use it after four days or if you want to store an extra amount of henna paste for a longer time. The paste will last for three months or longer. When the time comes to use the henna paste, just thaw and use it.

Refreeze the henna paste in the foil or glass jar if necessary. This will keep the paste fresh for the next time you need it.