How to Store Coffee in the Freezer or Refrigerator

With new and intriguing varieties and blends of coffee constantly appearing on the caffeine scene, and coffee connoisseurs wanting to ensure the best flavor, storage of coffee and coffee beans becomes important. storing beans in places other than the refrigerator or freezer limits the shelf life of the beverage and affects its quality when brewed. Learn how to properly store your coffee so that every cup is an enjoyable experience.

Place coffee directly in the refrigerator or freezer if it is unopened, in the original, sealed containers. It can keep this way up to two years. Once opened, however, you will need to re-package the beans or ground coffee.

Choose an air-tight container or bag that holds your beans or ground coffee. If using ground coffee, containers are simpler, as you can fill nearly to the top and scoop out what you need. Plastic bags can be awkward and hard to manage when filled with ground coffee. Verify that the container seals well, with no leaks or cracks.

Apply a label to the container or bag. Write the date and the type of coffee stored inside--for example, Columbian, Kenyan, or Dark Roast.

Use as needed and check the storage dates as necessary. Ground coffee can be stored for a week in the refrigerator or two to three weeks in the freezer. Whole beans will keep up to two years in the freezer.