How to Start a Christian Newsletter

How to Start a Christian Newsletter. Writing and distributing a Christian newsletter is basically not much different than writing a business newsletter. Christian newsletters are often free, unlike corporate newsletters that typically charge a subscriber's fee. Also, the readership audience for a Christian newsletter are usually church-goers, requiring the newsletter material to appeal to that particular audience. Although it is challenging, it is not impossible to start a Christian newsletter.

Determine which target market you will aim your marketing efforts towards. Although Christians would typically be your first target market, you may want to consider writing to appeal to those out of your niche market if you find that it is beneficial.

Determine if you will sell ad space and what that advertising rate will be. Calculate your ad rates based on paper and printer costs, color (ink cartridges), postage and other business related variables. Take all expenses into account that are related to the newsletter to determine your ad costs.

Decide if you will write all of the newsletter articles yourself or accept article submissions. If you do accept article submissions, supply potential writers with a writer's guideline quote.

Determine how long you want the newsletter to be. Generally, a newsletter is 2 to 8 pages in length, but can be longer depending on the style and needs of the newsletter.

Type the newsletter into a publishing program like Adobe Pagemaker or Microsoft Publisher.

Distribute the newsletter via online or print to your target market.