How to Size UGGs

UGGs originated down under. This Australian brand gained popularity around the world with its UGG boot, a soft suede boot lined with sheepskin. UGG recommends that its shoes fit snuggly but not uncomfortably. If you are unsure of what size to buy or you're buying an UGG shoe that hasn't been marked with a size for customers outside of the U.S., you can measure your foot and figure out what size UGG to purchase.

Set one piece of paper flat on a table or flat surface. The paper needs to be as long as your foot. If your foot extends past the paper. Tape two pieces of paper together, lengthwise, and lay them flat.

Draw a straight line longer than your foot. You can use a ruler to help draw a straight line.

Place the paper flat on the ground.

Step on the piece of paper. Your foot must be directly on top, and the line should exceed the length of your foot, not the width. If the line isn't long enough, make a longer line.

Place a horizontal mark with the pencil at the tip of your longest toe. Place another line right in back of your heel. Repeat these steps for the other foot. You can use the same piece of paper for the other foot, but you should use a different pen so you know which foot each set of markings belongs to.

Measure the distance between the two horizontal marks for each foot in inches or centimeters. Take the longest distance, or the biggest foot, and look at the UGG sizing chart. For example, a woman with a 10-inch foot should wear size 8.5 in the U.S., in the U.K. that woman would wear a size 7, but in the rest of Europe, she would need to purchase a size 39.5 UGG shoe.