How to Roast Deer on a Spit

How to Roast Deer on a Spit. Low in cholesterol and fat but high in protein and minerals, deer is the ideal meat for spit roasting. Best prepared lightly, roasting deer on a spit can produce some succulent food on a cool Fall day. Although a number of cuts and methods exist, the joint cut makes a perfect roast deer on the spit. There is a simple method to follow; look below for tips on roasting deer meat on a spit.

Start with a good cut of meat. Fresh dressed venison is best. If your cut is from frozen, let it thaw for 24 hours before cooking. Remove debris, rinse under cold water and pat dry.

Rub desired herbs and spices into the meat Sage, juniper berries, and thyme all make excellent accompaniments to the back strap cut. Let rest for about twenty minutes before handling again.

Place meat on a spit. It is best to use narrow metal spits that slide easily through the prepared meat. Carefully skewer the joint on to the metal rod, aiming for a straight shot down the center of the cut. Secure in place using kitchen string.

Place spit above a medium wood fire and secure ends to stakes on either side of the fire ring. You should be able to rotate the spit as necessary. Manufactured spits come with a turning handle for this purpose.

Rotate meat every 20-30 minutes to ensure uniform browning. Be sure not to let the fire get too high or too low. A consistent medium heat works best.

Check for 'doneness' often. Deer meat roasted on a spit should be crispy and seared on the outside and lightly pink on the inside. A meat thermometer works well here. Venison should be 140 degrees internally.

Rest meat on cold plates. Internal temperature will continue to rise after being removed from the spit. Above 150 degrees F, and the meat will begin toughen. Eat and enjoy.