How to Repair a Cut on a Timberland Boot

Cuts in the leather of a Timberland boots are repairable; patch leather in repair kits will often blend well with the original leather boot fabric. Cuts in suede boots are repairable as well, but the repair won't be as seamless and will look patchy. Cuts in suede Timberland boots can be repaired using the same method as leather, except the patch will not blend and the pattern in the suede nap can't be matched to make the repair seamless.

Wet a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol.

Wipe down the surface of the Timberland boot with the wet cloth. Make sure to remove any debris on or close to the cut in the material.

Trim away any loose threads from the cut in the material with scissors.

Determine if the cut is level, or flush with the rest of the material on the Timberland boot. If the cut is depressed, tear a small piece of cotton away from a cotton ball. Stuff the piece of cotton into the cut. This will force the cut fabric up and make it level with the rest of the boot material.

Cut the included leather fabric in a shape that is slightly bigger than the cut in the boot. Tuck the fabric into the cut to provide a foundation. If cotton was used to level the cut, make sure the piece of leather fabric covers it.

Find the color of the boot leather on the provided color chart. Follow the repair kit instructions to mix the included colored compound until it matches the color selected on the chart.

Apply the compound to the cut on the Timberland boot with the included spatula. Allow it to dry for 1 hour. Apply a second and third compound patch to the cut if needed. Allow each patch to dry for 1 hour before adding the next.

Choose a pattern that resembles the grain pattern on the boot from the repair kit's included grain paper packet.

Place the selected grain paper over the repair after the compound is dry. Apply force to the grain paper by rubbing it with your hands to make it adhere to the color compound. Allow the repair to dry overnight.

Peel the grain paper from the boot after at least 8 hours.