How to Remove Tallow Odor

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Rendering animal fat to make tallow is a time consuming and stinky job. Tallow can be used to make candles, hand soap and dishwasher detergents. Many people will use the fat from animals that they kill so they are not wasting any part of the animal. Some people swear that tallow soaps foam better and clean better than traditional commercial products on the market.

Turn on a large fan to circulate the air in your home. Open the windows and let the smell ventilate out. If you are rending your own fat, do this as you start to cook down the fat or any time that it is being melted down for use. Tallow candles will also give off this smell and may be best suited for burning outdoors or in well ventilated areas.

Wash your body with regular salt, lemon juice and water if you have gotten the tallow smell onto your skin. You may use vinegar in place of the lemon juice. Scrub with the lemon juice and salt and it will remove most if not all the unpleasant smell. It will also dry out your skin. Put lotion on after washing to moisturize your skin and further cover any remaining smell.

Keep the tallow in solid form in the freezer. Leaving the tallow out and possibly exposing it to melting will increase the smell. For bar soaps, keep them in air tight plastic bags until you want to use them.

Throw away any tallow that shows signs of mold immediately.