How to Remove Stains from a Silk Tie

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Silk is a natural fabric requiring extra care to maintain its appearance. Silk ties often seem to be a catch-all for a variety of stains. Since silk ties are typically not washable, you must remove the stain from your silk tie without trading the stain for water or moisture damage. Tackle a stain on your silk tie as soon as possible after the stain occurs for the easiest removal.

Lay a folded paper towel on your silk tie as quickly as possible after the stain occurs. Use it to wick up as much of the stain liquid or substance as you can.

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Dampen a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Dab the stain on your silk tie from the exterior of the stain toward the middle. Use a fresh cotton ball with rubbing alcohol, if needed, to remove the stain entirely from your silk tie.

Aim your hair dryer at the site of the stain on your silk tie and turn it on at the low setting. Quickly dry the rubbing alcohol moisture from your silk tie so there's no time for a ring to occur due to moisture damage.

Check to make sure the stain has fully disappeared from your silk tie. Repeat steps 2 and 3, if needed, until the stain is gone. A severe stain or one that's been left on your silk tie for a long time may require several repetitions of the stain removal process before it's fully lifted.