How to Remove Spots From the Eyeglass Lens

Eyeglasses, like any other item, can become dirty. And they need maintenance, including regular cleaning. Dirt, grime and grease can dirty lenses. It is important for eyeglass wearers to have clean lenses, as dirty lenses can impede vision.

Dry Cloth Method

Hold your glasses by the nose-bridge piece.

Wipe each lens thoroughly with a soft, nonabrasive cloth.

Repeat the process several times if needed until all of the spots are removed.

Lens Cleaner Method

Hold your glasses by the rims.

Spray each lens individually, on the outer and inner surfaces, with lens cleaner.

Wipe the inside and outside of each lens with a nonabrasive cloth, working over the lens with your forefinger and thumb rubbing at the same time.

Wipe each lens dry with the nonabrasive cloth.

Soapy Water Method

Place some dish detergent in a bowl with warm water.

Insert the glasses into the soapy water and swish the glasses around. Rinse off the soap under warm water from a faucet. Move the glasses around so that the water can wash off all of the soap.

Rub both sides of the lenses, using the forefinger/thumb method with a dampened nonabrasive cloth as you hold the glasses by the nose-bridge piece. Rub until all spots are removed.

Rub each lens using the forefinger/thumb method with a dry nonabrasive cloth. Wipe the rest of the eyeglasses dry.

If spots still remain, repeat until clean.

Dish Detergent Method

Hold the eyeglasses by the nose bridge and apply mild dish detergent directly onto each side of the two lenses.

Rub each side of the lens, going over the spots, with a nonabrasive cloth, using the forefinger/thumb method. Work the detergent into the spots.

Rinse the lenses under warm water until all of the soap is removed.

Dry the lenses with nonabrasive cloth.

Air dry the glasses if you choose to. If not, wipe the glasses dry with nonabrasive cloth.