How to Remove Facial Hair With Sugaring

How to Remove Facial Hair With Sugaring. Facial hair can be unsightly and embarrassing for women. In fact, any woman who has a dark line of hair on her upper lip or chin will likely go to great lengths to hide or remove it. Many of the traditional means of hair removal provide relief for only a short while. Shaving, bleaching and tweezing only get rid of facial hair for 1 to 2 weeks at most. Waxing may help, but it is expensive and painful. Body sugaring offers a cost-effective means of removing facial hair, and the results can last for weeks.

Wash and thoroughly dry the areas of your face where you want to remove facial hair. Make sure these areas are completely dry. Pat on some talcum powder to absorb all the moisture.

Put your container of body sugaring in the microwave. Heat it on half-power for 1 minute. Be sure to remove the cap before you begin heating.

Allow the body sugaring to cool for 3 to 5 minutes. It should be comfortable to touch before you put it on your face.

Dip a tongue depressor into the body sugaring. Remove enough of the body sugaring to cover the area of facial hair you want to eliminate.

Spread the body sugaring over the hair you want to remove. Make sure you cover all of the hair with a solid layer of about 1/8-inch thickness.

Take a cotton strip and press it firmly over the hair you've just covered with body sugaring. Make sure the strip sticks, and trim it if you need to.

Yank the cotton strip off as quickly as you can, pulling in the opposite direction of the hair growth.