How to Remove Brown-Yellow Stains on the Teeth Images

Maintaining a bright, white smile can be challenging in the face of habits such as smoking and drinking coffee and tea. These substances, along with a handful of medications and some foods, can cause severe staining of the teeth. Teeth that are stained brown or yellow can be whitened. There are both at-home and professional techniques to help lift these stains and help you regain a healthy, white smile.

Purchase a whitening toothpaste and begin using on a regular basis in place of your old toothpaste. These pastes will help to scrub away stains using gentle abrasion and can help to prevent more stains from developing. You may need to purchase an extra-strength formulation to treat the brown-yellow stains, as this coloration may be more persistent and tough to remove.

Select an over-the-counter teeth whitening kit from your local pharmacy. Choose an extra-strength formula that includes teeth trays as these will offer more coverage and are better suited to dissolving tough stains such as brown-yellow discoloration. As of November 2010, over-the-counter teeth whitening kits usually cost less than $50 at most pharmacies and drug stores.

Visit your dentist for a cleaning. Your dentist will give your teeth a thorough cleaning and scaling to remove the buildup which has contributed to the brown-yellow staining.

Ask your dentist about professional teeth whitening options. Your dentist will be able to recommend a number of whitening methods suited to your specific condition. Options may include custom-fitted bleaching trays and UV light whitening. These techniques vary in cost from about $200 to about $700 as of November 2010, but the results are immediate and dramatic.

Examine your lifestyle to determine the cause of your teeth becoming stained. Aim to limit or remove the root cause of the brown-yellow stains, whether it be smoking or diet-related. Brush immediately after drinking, eating or smoking to help reduce further staining.