How to Brush Teeth With Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is made of finely ground, fossilized diatoms (tiny plants), and contains several common minerals, including silica. Its minor abrasive quality makes it useful as an organic pesticide--it kills most insects (fleas, for example) by piercing them and desiccating (drying) them. Diatomaceous Earth is non-toxic to animals and humans--in fact, some people take it (the food-grade formula of Diatomaceous Earth, not pool-grade) internally. The abrasive scrubbing quality of this natural substance makes it suitable for use as a tooth cleaner and polisher.

Wet your toothbrush under running water. Add a bit of regular toothpaste to the bristles.

Sprinkle a small amount of Diatomaceous Earth over the toothpaste. You do not need much of it at all for tooth brushing. Be careful not to inhale Diatomaceous Earth when sprinkling it--it’s not good to breath it into the lungs.

Brush your teeth, moving the brush up and down. Spit out excess toothpaste when necessary and keep brushing, at least for 30 seconds (for best results). You may add more toothpaste and Diatomaceous Earth to the brush, if you choose.

Rinse your mouth out with cool water. Check your teeth in the mirror. They should be whiter and brighter than before you brushed.

Repeat brushing with Diatomaceous Earth whenever you notice a buildup of tartar or stains on your teeth.