How to Remove Black Dye From Hair With Palmolive Dish Soap

by Mary Ylisela ; Updated September 28, 2017

If your black hair ended up too black, you can remove the dye at home.

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If you decided to try black hair for awhile and the results weren't quite what you expected, you must choose to live with the undesirable hair color or have the hair color removed. While going to the salon to have the black hair dye professionally removed is certainly an option, salons use a chemical process that is extremely drying to the hair. Over-the-counter chemical hair dye removers are also available at the store, but you can remove black hair dye from your hair in a gentler manner with Palmolive hand dish washing soap.

Wet your newly dyed black hair with water under the faucet or in the shower.

Mix four drops of Palmolive hand dish washing soap in your hand with a quarter-sized amount of regular hair shampoo. Use your finger to mix the two ingredients together.

Rub the Palmolive and shampoo mixture into your hair, making sure to create a soapy lather all over your hair. Rub and scrub for a couple minutes, then rinse your hair completely. You should be able to see the black hair dye rinsing down the drain.

Look at your hair in the mirror. Make sure to check the sides and the back of your head as well as the roots. If any black hair dye remains, repeat step 3 until the black hair dye is removed.

Dry your hair, then follow with a hot oil conditioning treatment to restore moisture to your hair removed by the Palmolive hand dish washing soap.


  • Cut a 1-inch section of hair, underneath the back section of your hair, and test your hair color on the test section prior to dying your hair. This way, if you don't like the results, you will know before applying the hair color to your entire head of hair.

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