How to Remove Beet Juice Stains

There are many foods and drinks that cause difficult stains. Beets are among those foods. Beets may be delicious, but they do stain fabrics. Like most other stains, beet stains can be treated. You must perform stain resolving steps in the correct order, however, or you risk setting the stain even further. For this reason, any beet eater or maker should be well versed on the correct way to clean beet stains out of clothes.

Begin the Process

Run cold water over the beet juice stain until it disappears. This step should take place immediately after the stain has occurred. If the stain has set for more than 10 minutes, move to the next step.

Take a piece of white bread and soak it in ice cold water. Place the bread over the stain and press down. It will take a few minutes, but the bread should soak up the stain.

Cover the stain with bleach free liquid laundry detergent. Let this soak in for a few minutes, but do not rub. This step is the most helpful when beet stains have set for several hours.

Check the care label on your garment. Determine the hottest temperature of water possible for that particular type of fabric. Set your washing machine to that temperature and let it go to work on your stained clothes.

Make sure the stain has disappeared once the wash cycle has completed. If it hasn't, rub a stain removal stick on the beet stain and let it sit for 10 minutes. This is necessary because washing the stain makes it set even more. Rinse out the stain treatment and wash the garment as normal again.

Lay your garment flat to dry. Wet fabric tends to look different than dry fabric. Once it is dry, you may see staining you could not see before.