How to Recycle Shaving Cream Cans

Christopher Robbins/Photodisc/Getty Images

Shaving cream cans, as well as many other aerosol cans, can be recycled in your city, county or state recycling program. Most recycling programs make you separate recyclables into paper, cardboards, plastics and metals. Shaving cream cans should be sorted into the metal bin.

Shake the shaving cream can. Press the button to spray the shaving cream. Ensure the can is empty before you recycle it.

Place the can into recycling bin. If you have sorted bins, the can should go in the metal bin. If you are required to sort the metal bin into aluminum, tin or steel, place the can in the steel container. Although a shaving cream can is made from a combination metal or steel and tin, it is most appropriate in the steel container. Place the bin on your curbside for recycling.

Contact a metal recycler if your city, county or state does not participate in a curbside recycling program. You can locate a metal recycler through an Internet search or by looking under "Recycling" in your phone book. Unlike aluminum recycling, you will not receive any money for recycling shaving cream cans.