How to Raise Edible Fish in an Aquarium

Dry fish on a dish in the form of a fish image by terex from

Traditionally, fish would be caught from natural locations such as rivers and streams. As time went on a new technique has gained popularity. Fish farming involves making your own edible fish. You can start a fish farming operation with relative ease by following some simple steps. Once you have perfected your method, you can use your fish farm to raise edible fish whenever elsewhere.

Fill your aquarium with water. Set up the aerator and filter. Keep the pH level at 7 to optimize the environment for the fish. Vary the temperature depending on the type of fish you have. Consult with your local pet store to figure out the best temperature for your fish. Generally, 70 degrees represents a good choice. Run the tank for about 10 days before you introduce any fish.

Purchase fish. Find a local fish hatchery to buy fish. They will sell you the type of fish you wish to raise in your aquarium. Generally, you should only raise one type of fish in your aquarium. You can raise salmon, carp, tilapia and catfish in your aquarium.

Place the fish into your aquarium. You can feed them with fish food from the local pet store. Ask the workers at the store which sort of food to buy for your fish. When the fish grow to the desired size, you can catch them with a net.