How to Preserve Lemon Juice

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Preserve Lemon Juice

Items you will need

  • Lemons or lemon juice you want to save
  • Ice cube tray

If you use lemon juice on fish or in your tea, you may have cut lemons lying in your refrigerator. You may find that the lemon goes bad or gets too soft before you need it again. This is a simple method of preventing waste.

Freezing the lemon juice in ice cube trays not only preserves it for a long time, but can also be an interesting trick to use at parties. Lemon juice ice cubes can be used in iced tea, mineral water, diet cola, or other drinks.

Rather than sprinkle lemon onto fish, the lemon juice ice cubes can be rubbed onto the fish, or ice shavings can be sprinkled on it.

Step 1

Gather up some lemons that you want to use for juice.

Step 2

Squeeze the juice out of the lemons. Note that lemons at room temperature tend to be easier to juice than cold lemons.

Step 3

Pour the juice into an ice cube tray and freeze it.


  • The lemon juice cubes can be used in iced tea, in the blender with frozen drinks, or melted to use in liquid form. You can use ice trays that save the lemon juice into other shapes than cubes for even more fun!

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