How to Practice Modeling Poses

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When working to become a model, it is important to become comfortable and convincing in front of the camera. The key to feeling natural in front of a photographer's lens is practice. If you want to be a model, you probably already know what looks good and what you would like to emulate. Now you simply need to figure out how.

Learning to Pose

Find poses you would like to emulate. Magazines are a good place to start. Focus primarily on the type of modeling you would like to do – whether it is runway, lingerie or high fashion. However, no matter your focus, you should still practice a variety of common poses so you are prepared.

Buy a full-length mirror and place it somewhere with plenty of room in front of it for you to pose. Make sure you can see yourself head to toe.

Practice in front of the mirror, trying to emulate the poses and expressions. When you feel comfortable with that, have a friend take photos of you posing to see if they really look the way you intended them to look.

Keep breathing naturally while posing. If you hold your breath, your poses will look stiff.

Convey your emotions with your eyes and body language. If your pose is flirty, lower your head and look directly at the camera. If you are supposed to be happy or laughing, think of something that makes you feel that way and let your emotions be pure.

Bend the parts of your body that are bendable to avoid looking stiff. Your elbows, knees, ankles, wrists and your neck should all be at least slightly bent unless a photographer tells you otherwise. When you are not posing, this is natural, so make it natural while posing as well.

Keep your back straight and your stomach muscles tight. Any slouching will make you appear less lean and graceful than you are.

Try out different facial expressions. Look angry, pouty, flirty, happy, etc. Remember, your eyes don't always need to be looking directly at the camera, and you don't always have to be smiling.

Make sure your eyes reflect your expression. A good way to do this is to close your eyes and think about how you should be feeling; then open them.