How to Paint Air Force 1

Nike's Air Force 1 is a shoe that allows you to decorate and paint it yourself. With these shoes, there is an infinite number of color and design possibilities. It is recommended to hire a professional airbrush designer if you have never used an airbrush before; however, it is possible to paint and design your shoes with an airbrush in your own home.

Pour clothing airbrush paint into the airbrush paint chamber. Clothing pant is designed to adhere to clothing including shoes and lasts longer when exposed to elements such as water and snow.

Remove the shoe laces from the Air Force 1 shoe, which can easily fall into the paint.

Tape off the area you want to paint, covering the area you would like to restrict paint from contacting.

Apply the base color to the shoes, which will appear in the background (if you intend to add an image to the shoe). Note that using an airbrush is similar to spray paint. Holding the airbrush pen too close to the shoe results in streaks, while holding it too far away sprays paint over the entire shoe and results in a thin layer of paint on the desired area. Depending on how large the surface area of your shoe is, you need to find a happy medium through some practice.

Allow the base paint to dry completely. Airbrush paint does not take long to dry, compared to other paints. Waiting 30 minutes should suffice, unless you applied an extra thick layer of paint, which will allow more drying time.

Apply the additional colors. When finished, allow the new paint to dry, then retape the shoe and paint the other areas. Continue this process until the entire shoe has been painted.