How to Organize Socks

How to Organize Socks. Laundry would not be so tiresome if you didn't have to organize the socks that end up in big pile. Once the single socks multiply, you will be out of patience (and probably tired of having to shell out money for new socks weekly). Take these steps to keep that from happening.

Wash all of the socks you already have in the dirty clothes hamper. Take the laundry from the dryer. Now, sort the socks until you have found matches for all of them.

Decide what sort of device you want to use to organize your socks and buy several of them. Attach some sort of clip or pin to connect one sock to the other as you put them into the dirty clothes hamper. Launder as usual.

Try washing your sock pairs in individual mesh bags. While this is time consuming, it really works. The water and detergent will flow easily through the mesh bag, cleaning the socks.

Buy only the same color of socks in one style. If you have several pair of socks in the same style and one goes missing in the laundry, the "single" sock matches the socks that are left.

Put individual dividers in your sock drawer. Separate them by style, color and anything else that comes to mind to organize and keep different socks in their own place.

Connect matching socks in the wash as you want. This way, you will just remove the clip and fold the pair of socks as you usually do.

Keep a bag handy in the laundry area. This will hold those stubborn single socks that have evaded your best organizational efforts.