How to Make Your Own Splatter Paint Shoes

Adding a paint design is an ideal way to revitalize tired old shoes that haven't been worn in a while. A splatter paint job provides forlorn looking footwear which are in otherwise good condition with an eye catching new color scheme. Splattering an old pair of shoes with paint is also an enormously satisfying experience that will re-invigorate your inner child. The important thing to remember is to prep the leather thoroughly beforehand, otherwise the paint will not adhere and will flake off.

Add a small amount of soap to some warm water and dip a cloth in it. Use the cloth to scrub the shoe, ensuring the surface you are planning to paint is entirely clean. Dry the shoe then use a nail file to take the shine off the leather. Do not damage the leather, but simply create a rough surface for the paint to adhere to.

Pour rubbing alcohol onto the cloth and rub all over the surface you want to paint. This will help clean the oil off the leather that will resist the paint. Run the nail file over the leather again to rough it up once more before painting.

Mix some water into some already water-based acrylic paint. This increases the flexibility of the paint and reduces the chances of it flaking off when the shoes are worn. Put the shoe on some newspaper and put masking tape over any areas of the shoe you do not want to splatter with paint.

Dip the stiff bristled brush into the water and paint mixture and hold it about six inches from the leather. Run your finger through the bristles towards you so that paint is flicked in the opposite direction, covering the shoe. Continue flicking paint until you decide to change color.

Put the brush down and flex the leather of the shoe a few times to prevent the paint drying and cracking. Then dip a brush into a different color and repeat, remembering to flex the leather after each coat. When you are happy with the shoe, leave it in a warm location to dry. During drying, return to the shoe and flex the leather every half an hour or so, to prevent cracking.