How to Make Venison Breakfast Sausage

Venison is meat from game animals such as moose, elk or, most commonly, deer. A good source of lean protein, venison tastes delicious if prepared properly. You can buy venison at most large natural food stores or specialty butcher shops. The best option is to go hunting and take advantage of nature’s bounty, providing your family with meat at no cost. Make good use of your venison by preparing it in a variety of ways. Venison breakfast sausage is easy to make, tasty, and will be a welcome addition to a hearty breakfast.

Trim any visible fat from the venison. Venison fat often has a gamey taste that many people find objectionable. Grind the venison in a meat grinder on medium, or take it to a butcher shop and have it ground for you.

Mix the spices and seasonings in a small bowl, and set it aside.

Mix the ground pork and venison thoroughly. Use a large, wide, shallow bowl, or spread it out on a clean counter or board. Venison is much too lean by itself to make a good frying sausage, so you must add some fatty pork so it won’t scorch in the pan.

Spread the meat out and evenly sprinkle the spice mixture over the surface of the meat. Work the spice into the meat with your hands, using a kneading motion, until the spices are completely mixed in.

Refrigerate the sausage for 2 hours to give the flavors time to mingle. Pinch off a handful of the sausage and fry it in a pan until it's no longer pink. Taste the sausage to see if it is spicy enough. Add more seasoning as needed.

Form the sausage into small patties or tube-shaped links, if desired. Freeze the sausages, separating the individual pieces with wax paper and then placing them in freezer bags, or freeze the bulk sausage in 1-lb. packs.

Fry the sausage on medium heat until it reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees. Serve it with biscuits and gravy or eggs and toast.