How to Make Plastic Container Lids Looser

Many plastic container companies manufacture exceptional quality food storage containers. Their products are designed to keep food fresh with an air- and liquid-tight lid, which these companies refer to as a seal. While the seal is designed to be snug to maintain freshness, occasionally you will find a seal that is nearly impossible to fit onto its bowl. For individuals with decreased hand strength, particularly the elderly or those with arthritis, this can be problematic. But here is a solution!

Wash the bowl and seal in the dishwasher, or soak in a sink of very hot water for 15 minutes.

Remove from the dishwasher or sink and place the seal on the bowl. The heat will cause the seal to be more flexible and the seal will custom form itself to the bowl.

Allow the bowl, with the seal on, to rest until cool—about 30 minutes.

Remove the seal from the bowl and store separately.

If the seal remains tight, repeat the process one or two more times.

Occasionally bowls and seals don't ever quite fit together and no amount of manipulation will resolve the problem. In this happens, contact your plastic food container company consultant or the company's customer service department at (800) 366-3800.