How to Freeze Canned Cranberry Sauce

cranberry saurce and a silver fork image by Jorge Moro from

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without cranberry sauce, but if you opened one too many cans, don’t throw it away--you can freeze the canned sauce to use in other recipes. Freezing leftover cranberry sauce is a great way to save money and a trip to the grocery store later. If you’re sick of turkey, you can use the cranberry sauce in a variety of other ways, such as on brie sandwiches and in desserts.

Spoon the leftover canned cranberry sauce into a plastic freezable container featuring an air-tight lid. Choose a small, 1-quart capacity container to ensure the sauce freezes in a timely fashion, such as within four hours. Leave a little space between the sauce and the top of the container, as the cranberry sauce may expand as it freezes.

Place the lid on top of the plastic container. Press down firmly to ensure a secure closure. Make sure the container rim is moisture-free prior to placing the lid on top to create a proper seal.

Pull a piece of freezer tape off of its dispenser. Wrap the piece of tape around the bottom of the container’s lid to further protect the cranberry sauce from freezer burn and other food odors.

Use a marker to write the product name and date on the freezer tape for convenience. Place the container of cranberry sauce into the freezer.