How to Make Homemade Venison Liver Sausage


When you have fresh venison, there are several ways you can cook or prepare it, including making homemade sausage. Even the liver can be used as an ingredient when making venison sausage. Making homemade venison sausage isn't hard, though it may take a little bit of time. This is a project that can be done with common things found in many kitchens, like a food processor, or you can get expensive equipment to use. Either way, you can expect tasty sausages.

Soak the venison liver in cold water for 1 hour. You can also soak the liver and venison overnight in the fridge in a bowl of milk to help get rid of any gamey taste there might be.

Chop up the liver, venison and pork shoulder in small chunks. Your local butcher may grind up the meat if asked to. Also, peel and mince the onion. You need the pork shoulder because it's fatty and venison by itself doesn't have a lot of fat.

Use the food processor to grind the pork shoulder and the liver. You may have to do several small batches in the food processor. When there are no more chunks of meat left, put it into a large bowl.

Add the salt, black pepper, garlic powder and the minced onion to the bowl of chopped up meat. Stir until the meat and spices are mixed together. If the ground sausage isn't moist enough, slowly add ½ cup of water, stopping when it becomes as moist as you want it.

Put the meat mixture back into the processor and blend again. This will also help to blend the spices and meat completely together. Spoon the sausage mixture into a large container with a lid and put in the fridge to chill over night.

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Next, shape the homemade ground sausage into patties and place in the freezer until barely frozen. Take the almost frozen sausage patties and place them in zippered plastic bags for future use. You can also just freeze the ground sausage in zippered plastic bags without forming into patties.