How to Make Homemade Organic Shoe Polish

Aschwin Prein

If you want to keep your shoes looking as good as new, you will need to invest in some good shoe polish. If you buy shoe polish online or from a store you are paying for the chemicals they use to make the shoe polish. This isn't necessary since you can make a homemade organic shoe polish at home. You'll be friendly to the environment and save yourself a few dollars at the same time.

Take a white washcloth and get it damp with water. Wipe the shoes down until you remove all of the dirt and dust.

Dry the shoes off by buffing them with a white towel.

Mix the juice of a lemon with half a cup of olive oil. This is your organic shoe polish.

Wipe small amounts of the homemade shoe polish on your shoes.

Allow the shoes to dry naturally.

Repeat once per month.