How to Make Heated Gloves Using a Microwave

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Heated gloves help keep your hands warm throughout the winter. Microwave-heated gloves have several advantages. They do not require batteries to soothe aching, chapped hands, and they can be microwaved over and over again. They contain small pockets that are activated in the microwave to produce heat. Many microwaveable gloves are expensive and may not fit you properly. Fortunately, there is a cost-effective and more customizable alternative that only requires simple hand-stitching and creativity.

Cut four felt rectangles that can fit into the palm of your hand, measuring approximately 2 by 3 inches. Hand stitch three sides of two rectangles together, leaving one of the shorter sides open. Repeat the process with the additional two rectangles.

Divide the rectangles into thirds using a ruler, extending from the open side to the stitched side. Draw lines through the three sections using a pen and a ruler. Hand-stitch along the two lines for each rectangle.

Funnel rice through the first section of a rectangle until you reach the top. Hand-sew the end of the first section. Repeat the process with the next two sections. Repeat the entire process with the second rectangle, as well.

Turn the gloves inside out and place them side by side. Mark the palm of the glove with a pen. Set a filled rectangle on the palm of a glove. Sew the top left corner of the rectangle to the glove. Create six or seven small stitches by passing the needle halfway through the knit. Knot the thread after sewing. Attach the top right corner and the center bottom of the rectangle in the same manner.

Repeat the process in step four for the second glove.

Turn the gloves right side out to hide the pillow inside. Heat the finished gloves for approximately 30 seconds in the microwave. Remove the gloves and allow them to cool off for a few seconds.

Place your hands inside the gloves so that the rice-filled rectangle lies flat against your palms.