How to Make Good Hamburgers

The hamburger is the iconic American food, but many people don't know how to make good hamburgers. Here are some tips and secrets to make your next cook out a winner.

Good hamburgers start with good meat. Ideally find a nice chuck and have a butcher coarse grind it. If you are looking for pre-ground meat find one that is about 20-30% fat to keep the meat tender as you cook it. Make sure the meat is dark red and ha no signs of gray or brown when you buy it.

Put the meat in a plastic bowl and add seasonings. There are many different type of possible flavor combination to try. Things that are good choices are salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder. You really can add in almost any spice you have though depending on your taste. I like a little bit of fajita seasoning.

Now add liquid ingredients. Usually 2 tablespoons per pound of meat works well. Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce are the most common, but steak sauce and ketchup could be used too.

Now you have all the ingredients in the bowl needed to make good hamburgers. Mix it together with a wood spoon, or your hands.

Shape the burgers into patties about 3/4 an inch thick. Using the heal of your hand put a 1/4 inch dent in the middle of the patty to keep it flat as it cooks.

Get the grill relatively hot and cook for about 3 minute on each side. Make sure the internal temperature reaches 160 deg. and serve with toppings!