How to Make Diaper Shape Baby Shower Invitations

by Natasha Lawrence ; Updated November 30, 2018

Make Diaper Shape Baby Shower Invitations

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A baby shower is a special party for an expectant mother. Create diaper-shaped invitations with a boy or girl theme that will delight the guest of honor. Three folds on a triangle-shaped blue or pink decorative card stock and a few embellishments make these invitations one of a kind.

Make two equal triangles by folding the sheet of card stock from one corner across to the opposite edge. and make a crease. Cut off the excess paper with a paper cutter.

Open the triangle (a square) and cut it in half at the crease with the paper cutter. Cut 1 inch of the tips off the two corners with scissors. Set the other triangle aside for another diaper-shaped invitation.

Fold the unsnipped corner up 2 inches and make a crease. This is the bottom of the diaper invitation. Fold the other two ends in and down a little so the ends overlap 1/2 inch and make creases.

Attach a contrasting plastic button with hot glue on the outside flap tip of the invitation (where a diaper would be secured). Attach a tiny safety pin on top of the button with another dab of hot glue. Let dry.

Type the details of shower invitation in a word program on your computer with desired font style and ink color within a 3-by-3 inch space. Invitation wording can be:

A special surprise is coming ...

Let's celebrate!

Come to a Baby (Boy or Girl) Shower for

the mother-to-be

(Name of mother-to-be)

Date and time

at the home of (name of hostess)

(Address of hostess)

RSVP & hostess telephone number

Print on white card stock, cut to size with scissors, and attach inside of diaper-shaped invitation with double-sided tape.

Address the envelope to a shower guest. Insert the diaper-shaped invitation and mail.


  • Other possible embellishments can include a pink or blue bow, a baby-themed button or ornament.

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