How to Make Baby Booties out of Icing

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Tiny, edible baby booties provide a whimsical cake decoration nestled atop a baby shower cake or cupcakes. Create baby booties from icing with just a few cake decorating tools and a medium-consistency buttercream frosting. Choose pink or blue icing color based on the sex of the baby, or use another color to complement the baby shower decor. For a classic appearance, use pure white icing for the booties, and pipe on colored frosting for the cuff embellishment and bows.

Dip a toothpick into the jar of concentrated gel icing color. Swirl the gel into white buttercream icing, and blend well. Add coloring a tiny bit at a time until you reach the desired shade.

Cut approximately 1 inch off the tip of a disposable decorating bag. Firmly fit the size 12 round decorating tip into the cut end of the bag.

Hold the bag in one hand. With your other hand, fold the top of the bag down into a cuff that covers the holding hand. Scoop icing into the bag with a spatula, filling the bag about half full.

Unfold the cuff and twist the bag closed, forcing the icing down into the bag. Squeeze a bit of the icing back into the bowl to release any air trapped in the bag.

Hold the tip at a 45-degree angle to the surface of your cake or cupcake. With firm steady pressure, pipe a bead approximately 1/2 inch in diameter to form the toe of the bootie. Slightly relax the pressure as you move toward the heel of the bootie.

Position the tip at a 90-degree angle to the bootie base you just created. Using heavy pressure again, slowly raise the tip to form the ankle of the bootie, keeping the width of the cuff the same size as the toe. Dip your finger into cornstarch, and then use it to indent the top of the bootie's cuff.

Fit another prepared bag with the size 2 decorating tip, and fill as directed above with a contrasting color of icing. Using a zigzag motion, pipe a ruffled edge along the cuff of each bootie. Embellish the front of each bootie with a piped icing string bow.