How to Make a White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Nearly all of the drinks you find at a coffee bar, be it a local establishment or a chain cafe like Starbucks or Caribou Coffee, are one of three types: They're either warm, cold or frozen. You can make a white chocolate raspberry mocha in any of those three forms, but warm is the classic way. Using this template, you can also make a latte, a cappuccino, a regular mocha and any flavored mocha drink.

Prepare your coffee beans. Use espresso beans if possible, but you can brew up some really strong coffee if you don't have espresso. Be sure the beans are ground for an espresso machine, or grind them yourself at home.

Throw a scoop or two of white cocoa powder into a coffee cup while your ground coffee beans are brewing. A lot of coffee-making is approximation. You'll determine exactly how much you want to use per cup with experience. If you can't find white cocoa powder, syrup or melted chocolate should do.

Add a shot of raspberry syrup.

Pour two shots of espresso into the cup and mix. Make sure you get the espresso in there while it's steaming hot; that's the key to getting everything to mix well. You don't want any chunky cocoa floating around in there.

Fill the rest of the cup with milk. You can use your espresso machine's steam wand to heat up the drink or just throw the cup in the microwave -- of course, check to make sure there aren't any coffee elitists watching.

Put some whipped cream on top if you desire.

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