How to Make a Roast Beef Sandwich like Arby's

by braniac

Items you will need

  • Roast beef from the deli of your local market
  • Hamburger buns
  • Horseradish sauce
  • barbecue sauce

Arby's roast beef sandwiches are my favorite of all fast food. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water. After spending I don't know how much money on them, I figured out how to do them at home and feed the whole family for a fraction of what I would normally spend there. The only problem is I haven't figured out the recipe for the jamocha milk shake!

Step 1

Ask the person at the deli to slice your roast beef as thin as possible. Normally it runs around $7.99 lb but often goes on sale. Even at the regular price, you are only about $2 over the price of the one large sandwich.

Step 2

Place the roast beef in a pan and heat in oven till warm.

Step 3

Occasionally, I will steam the buns but it is not necessary unless the bread is hard.

Step 4

Add the roast beef and top with both sauces or your favorites such as Swiss cheese, melted cheddar, sauteed onions and mushrooms with au jus.

Step 5

Serve with fries sprinkled with seasoning salt or Cajun seasoning for a spicy kick!

Step 6

If you have a recipe for something close to the jamocha milkshake, please let me know!!!